How to create a shared link with an expiration date for the item of OneDrive For Business via Rest API?

Today it’s very convenient to share files stored in OneDrive For Business via shared links. Some developers integrate their apps with OneDrive For Business, they used to create a shared link via rest API. But sometimes we just want the shared link temporary, Is it possible for us to set an expiration date for the shared link? MS Graph api did not document such an api that could achieve this goal, but finally we get the right api by tracing OneDrive website. So the answer is yes! Let’s firstly have a look at OneDrive website then manually set up a shared link. Only... Read more

How to add an administrator to OneDrive for Business?

Sometimes as an Office 365 global or SharePoint Service administrator, we need to access another user’s personal site (OneDrive for Business). Is that possible?  Yeah! We have several ways to add an administrator to OneDrive For Business! By means of the Office 365 Admin Center By using the SharePoint Online (SPO) User profiles service settings in the SPO Admin Center By means of PowerShell using SPO cmdlets By means of PowerShell using SPO Client Side Object Model (CSOM) Adding an administrator to User’s personal site from the Office 365 Admin Center Firstly we need to sign in the Office 365 admin center... Read more

How can a CSP reseller programmatically access to his customer’s tenant?

MS CSP program helps you grow your business. There are 2 tiers and 3 roles in csp model. Today i will firstly describe how these roles work since it’s not obvious for some csp partner. Afterwards i will expound how an indirect reseller access his customer’s tenant. Concept: CSP direct and CSP indirect There are two different business models in the CSP program: CSP direct (one tier) and CSP indirect (two tiers). CSP direct (Tier 1) partners work with Microsoft directly. They take on the entire customer relationship, including support, billing, and invoicing. CSP direct partners are responsible for customer... Read more

How to restore deleted Office 365 groups

If one of your Office365 groups with important data and documents was deleted, what should you do? It doesn’t matter, in the end of March this year, Microsoft released Azure Active Directory PowerShell module to solve this problem . This module includes the cmdlets needed to restore a deleted group. The only way to restore the Office365 group is to use PowerShell cmdlets, and your account needs administrator permissions. Deleted groups will be retained for 30 days by default. During this period, you can restore groups. After a period of time, Office 365 will permanently delete all group resources. Then the group... Read more