How to enable diagnostics in windows VM using Azure REST API

Azure diagnostics extension can provide monitor and diagnostic functions on Azure virtual machine. You can include the diagnostic feature when creating Azure virtual machine if you add the diagnostic extension to the template, which is introduced in this article.If you have created a Azure virtual machine without the diagnostic extension,you can enable it separately. Here is an blog which provides the steps on how to implement it in Azure portal. Today I will show you how to enable diagnostic in a existed windows virtual machine using Azure REST API. Preparation: You must have a Azure subscription,you can get it here. an Azure windows virtual machine,you... Read more

Access Metrics using Azure Monitor REST API

Metrics are a valuable source of telemetry and enable you to track the performance and status of your resource. You can view them via Overview blade of the resource->Monitoring tile or Monitor service -> Metrics option: All metrics have one-minute frequency, and aggregate data over 1 hour is also available. Metrics support the azure services below and available metrics vary from resources: VMs (Azure Resource Manager-based) Virtual machine scale sets Batch Event Hubs namespace Service Bus namespace (premium SKU only) SQL Database (version 12) Elastic SQL Pool Websites Web server farms Logic Apps IoT hubs Redis Cache Networking: Application gateways Search In this... Read more