How to map URL path-based rules in application gateway for your Azure web app service

If you want to redirect users’ requests to different Azure web app service behind Azure application Gateway via URL path-based rules ,you may need some extra settings , this doc will guide you how to map it . Prerequisites Azure Subscription . Existing Azure web apps. New created Azure application gateway. Scenario In this demo ,I have two web apps : (we call it app1)and (we call it  app2)and I created a new App GW ip : , a sub domain record: assigned to this IP. So I’ll demonstrate how to map app gw to implement the requesting route... Read more

Share session across sub-domains in Azure for ASP.NET app

Sometimes you may want to share session across sub-domains in Azure. You could find many articles and posts for this question, like this, but it only applies to on-premises environment because: a) The InstallSqlState.sql doesn’t work for Azure SQL Database b) It requires a custom http module to modify the application name to generate a same session id across domains. But Azure Web App is managed environment that doesn’t allow to install custom http module. In this post, I will show you how to overcome the 2 issues above and share session in Azure successfully. Prerequisites 1, Prepare 2 web apps, app 1 for creating... Read more