How to map URL path-based rules in application gateway for your Azure web app service

If you want to redirect users’ requests to different Azure web app service behind Azure application Gateway via URL path-based rules ,you may need some extra settings , this doc will guide you how to map it . Prerequisites Azure Subscription . Existing Azure web apps. New created Azure application gateway. Scenario In this demo ,I have two web apps : (we call it app1)and (we call it  app2)and I created a new App GW ip : , a sub domain record: assigned to this IP. So I’ll demonstrate how to map app gw to implement the requesting route... Read more

How to call REST APIs on Azure Portal

Sometimes , we may facing this situation : we have a requirement and we can finish the process on portal manually . However , we can’t find the associated APIs to do it automatically by code. So , this blog will provide a way to call all APIs you can fetch on Azure portal. Prerequisites An active Azure subscription. An Azure subscription account. Eamples For instance, let’s say , I want to enable “application proxy” in AAD :  As we all know ,there is no SDK, powershll or APIs published by Microsoft officially, we can do this function on Azure portal manually... Read more

How to use REST API to assign CSP subscription roles to new created CSP customer .

As we all know, as a CSP direct partner, we can create a customer with a CSP Azure subscription .However due to the CSP internal mechanism, The customer has no access to the CSP Azure subscription. CSP partners should logon to the Azure portal and assign CSP Azure subscription roles to the customer manually and then the customer is enable to access the CSP Azure subscription we created. Yes, doing some actions manually is not so convenient for us. So this blog mainly provides a way to assign CSP Azure subscription roles to CSP customers via REST API so that... Read more

How to connect to VM hosted MySQL using Node.js in Azure Function

Recently, some customers asked for a demo about how to connect to VM hosted MySQL using Node.js in Azure Function, so this article provides a simple demo describes how to connect to VM hosted MySQL using Node.js in Azure Function. Prerequisites: A VM hosted MySQL server with remote connection allowed for user root : Procedures: 1.Create a JS Webhook connect, my function name is “testMysqlConn”: 2.Paste code below into the function(this function will connect to the VM hosted MySQL server and then execute sql in request body): module.exports = function (context, req) { context.log('JavaScript HTTP trigger function processed a request.'); var... Read more

How to migrate a VM from classic virtual network to an ARM one

As a new deployment model,ARM deployment model is much more flexible than the classic one.However,since the great architectural divide of this two deployment models , some resources under ASM deployment model is not compatible with the resources deployed by ARM model. For instance,we can’t migrate VMs deployed by ASM model in classic VNET to ARM VNET directly.And this blog will provide an easy way to do it. Now,I have two resource groups: ARMDemo and ASMDemo: each of them has a Windows VM and the VM is deployed in a VNET. The resources in first group is deployed by ARM model and the second is under... Read more

How to reset resource management VM administrator login credentials using ARM REST API

In Azure development,sometimes,maybe we need to reset login credentials.This article will guide you to reset login credentials using ARM(Azure Resource Managemrnt) REST API. For an Azure RM VM,you could reset its administrator login credentials via VM extensions.For windows VMs,the extension called “VMAccess Agent” is needed.And For Linux VMs, the extension called “VMAccess” is needed.However,don’t worry about that,installing a VM extension and then resting login credentials is very easy ,what you need to do is calling a REST API below: API request URL: PUT<subscription ID>/resourceGroups/<resource group name>/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/<vm name>/extensions/enablevmaccess?api-version=2016-03-30 Linux VMs request Body: {     "properties": {       "publisher": "Microsoft.OSTCExtensions",      ... Read more